Why more achievements?

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I know this sounds crazy, but there are actually players who are enthusiastic about completing achievements, regardless of how pointless they are. I know, its insane right? Insane that there are people who have different interests than you.

Not like you're obligated to complete them nor do they give any reward that affect gameplay, heck you're not even getting any cosmetic reward. So what exactly are you complaining about?
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07-Oct-2018 07:42:41

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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They've been added simply to annoy Comp players, because that's all they do.

That's a good thing. The more people quit trying to keep their Comp going, the closer we get to 0 actual players with or aiming for Comp, which means the entire idea of Comp comes closer and closer to death and Jagex can instead focus on interesting content rather than stringing Comp players along with one tedious or annoying thing (which nobody in their right mind would choose to do) being added every few weeks.

Here they're obviously taking a sledgehammer to the situation: if 200 unnecessarily expensive or tedious hoops to jump through isn't enough to shake-off the Compers, nothing will.

07-Oct-2018 07:54:21



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Uncle Pob said:
They've been added simply to annoy Comp players, because that's all they do.

Achievements aren't comp reqs. Just a rung on the ladder of the new high score table.

If you're not into bragging about being in the top 100 of 'something'. don't let it get to you.

As stated, the 'tasks' are white-wine-ideas. Great when 1st thought of but then reality hits and they're just tedious, boring or silly acts that some will do just to be in the afore mentioned 'TOP 100'

The shit will really hit the fan when RNG is added to the achievements to extend their playability, like most every other update recently.

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