Why more achievements?

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Cpt Platypus said:
Just wondering why everything has to be usefull.

What happend to the days where fun was the most important thing in a game

Am wondering the exact same thing.

This weird mentality has to end IMHO.

13-Oct-2018 06:02:02

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Transcendent said:
If an achievement is not showing you something useful or advancing your character in some way, I really don't want them.

Tan hides shows you something useful.

Form an "X" on the ground with tanned hides you dropped is not useful.

Surge one square is not useful.

You don't have to do them, they are in no way intrusive. These achievements aren't catered to players like you.
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13-Oct-2018 08:08:58

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I dont mind more Achievements, I dont really focus on them in Runescape but they are occasionally fun to try. However, this was definitely not announcement worthy content at a huge convention lol

13-Oct-2018 11:43:50

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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UrekMazino said:
Yusou Bhoroi said:
I'm not really a fan of a lot of the pointless/whimsical achievements, when they don't encourage exploration of gameplay (introduce people to things they may not have known about), don't require skill, and don't relate to any lore, or perspective on a place (especially when they award RuneScore, when they do none of these things).

I do like a lot of the ones that are still whimsical, but actually have a purpose (such as getting people to use content, explore, discover mechanics, or think about the lives of the NPCs/lore).

I like the ones that have a challenge to them (like the Raids Feats), and encourage/give people a reason to really explore content in depth - I wish they'd add more of these, especially for content that is often considered "dead", but is actually really engaging, once people have had a reason to actually try it.

Achievements in many other games are also completely pointless, e.g. jump on same spot 100 times etc. These kinds of achievements are clearly catered to other players and not you. Just because you don't see a point to them doesn't mean others won't.

Quite - I was just voicing my perspective.
Jumping is a mechanic, so at least it's vaguely non-pointless (there may also be a hidden point to it).
I'd just rather they spent the effort on making achievements that would help encourage wider use of the game, rather than just making ones that reference currently-popular memes, that don't relate to RuneScape, and will likely be forgotten in a few Years time.

Using the section of the playerbase who will want to get all the Achievements, to help boost the number of players in flagging content, is more helpful to the overall game, than putting them through a set of time-wasting tasks, that don't help other content, and will actually decrease the likelihood that anyone will have the time to do such other things.

13-Oct-2018 19:04:57

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