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I am interested in knowing if there was going to be another skills reset soon for those players that are inactive, old-school mobile just was released and was just wondering if there was a planned reset, with thousands of players already at their lvl caps and being inactive takes away from some of the fun of grinding away to be the best. Thank you for your time!

22-Nov-2018 13:35:46

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I'm sot sure if it'll happen or not. Although, according to the RuneScape Wikia page about rollbacks, Mod Aug was asked if the ability to request rollbacks would be possible in the future. He said "There may be, that's all I can say."

I hope being able to request a rollback will be something players will be able to do. Or maybe I'm just being a little too hopeful. Who knows?

11-May-2019 06:39:11

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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AFAIK they have never reset peoples skills when they been inactive, there was a point when they removed f2p from high scores but re added them when they first log in again still with all the levels they had before. There was a time when bots had skills reset but never for being inactive. Asking for your own combat stats to be reset is different from mass resets.

I support the idea of removing players from high scores if they not logged in for say 2 years but not for skill resets.

11-May-2019 14:46:02

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