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Hi Guys and Girls,

I was reading through the up and coming updates for Hunter, something I feel has been missed is the fact with Box Traps it is very very click intensive. I was wondering what peoples thoughts would be on adding a auto-deploy to box traps but doing this removed the gain of chins.

It gets to the point where you are grinding out hunter levels and my fingers really really hurt from clicking so much. Making it a little easier to catch things like chins would be great, even if it means reducing the XP per hour a little bit when auto-deploy is on to not make it overpowered. Going to end up getting RSI from clicking so much :P


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Well this sounds more like a suggestion, though to be fair, it is related to some proposed future updates.

I'm not necessarily against your idea, but it does get in the way of Protean Traps. One of the advantages to using these, is an auto-deploy feature that works for a certain amount of time before having to re-enable it. You don't get the goods, though you do get increased xp. What you are asking for is basically the same thing for regular box traps, albeit with less xp. Doesn't sound like a bad idea on paper, but it might require MUCH lower xp rates in order for Jagex to be willing to implement such a change. They want Proteans to be FAR better than the usual methods, for obvious reasons. If the xp rate is too low, it wouldn't be worth doing, and then we're back at square one. This would entirely depend on what Jagex would consider to be fair xp rates, if they even agree to make this change at all.

For now, perhaps consider saving up a few thousand protean traps and some advanced pulse cores? The appeal to this strategy is you can easily focus on other goals for the time being, and then crank up Hunter later on when you have enough to make some good progress on the skill. It's what I'm doing. :p
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