The 7th Age of Gielinor

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Uncle Pob said:

A god cannot be revived from death.... anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

A god cannot be revived from death, but if an Elder God artefact allows one to travel backwards in time and prevent the murder of said God, that God wouldn't need to be revived because he'll never have died in the first place :D


Might be overly complicated though, but Jagex might have a solution up their sleeves which simplifies that problem dramatically, even if it involves Guthix following us through the portal into the 6th Age and thus existing in a reality where a version of him has already died.

Actually I think gods, Elders included, can be revived or reconstructed. They just don't have afterlife. Think in the direction of Seren. She was shattered to pieces but was brought back to life/revived/reconstructed., depending on your PoV whether she actually "died".

We can do time travel without the Needle already. Remember, Meeting History and Making History? It is not that complicated for Jagex to handle time travel.

Being able to time travel in story/quest mode also won't affect the actual worlds outside the sandbox of the player.

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Tumeken will rise. . . .

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All I know is I want more content with Zamorak, Battle of Lumby was the most fun ive ever had on Runescape just because I could support my God in a game event. Working for a red phat since 2006

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