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Max Zuba

Max Zuba

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(speaking as a 'comp cape owner' but a 'no longer wearer')

The main problem i see with comp capes is that each task requirement for it is equal rated. For example, Killing telos carries the same weight as unocking access to the abyss. The only difference you have to differentiate is trimmed and non trimmed. As more content is released the differences between these capes and max cape are exaggerated.

What i would like to see is more levels of completionist cape added (similar to how the achievement diarys/tasks had easy/medium/hard/elite levels and a reward that scaled depending on which levels you had completed)

lvl1 : Max cape
lvl2 : basic comp cape
lvl3 : advanced comp cape
lvl4 : elite comp cape
lvl5 : trimmed comp cape

Then you can catagorise comp tasks into either lvl2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the difficulty of the task (similar to how quests are catagorised as novice, master etc). This would allow you to add new tasks when new content is released, and all that would happen to the players cape is it would go down to the previous level, until the new task is completed (instead of an all or nothing as it is at the moment).

This gives endgame players more scaling between the levels making it less daunting. And you can cap the combat stats at lvl3 or 4, so you wouldnt have players feeling forced into difficult content just to wear their cape. (if the only reason players are doing content is for a cape you have bigger problems). And you can keep things like the multi person content like cw req and raids to just trim level.

Each level of the cape would have a different look. So you and other players can see what level you are at.

You would have to split things like the 'reaper title' and 'unlock all music tracks' into the different levels, but it would provide a workable solution to the high end bosses.

I hope all of that helps

23-Jan-2019 21:29:11

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