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Hey there,

I wanted to take this time to make you aware of a change to the removal of Bounty Update update that will be launching next Monday

Initially we were going to allow Ironmen the option to purchase any of the Obliteration, Decimation and Annihilation weapons from Mandrith with the bounty hunter points they had accumulated prior to the update.

However, since we made our intentions for that clear you've come back to us and mentioned that this wasn't a good change for the health of the Ironman mode.

In-depth discussions have taken place since then, and as a result we're going to be making the following changes:

- Firstly, we're going to be hotfixing a change to the Emblems to stop them being obtainable as well as upgradable, this change will last until Monday's game update.

- Secondly, Ironmen from Monday's update will have their "slayer bounty" points (bounty hunter points) reset to 0, this will still allow them to work towards the T87 weapons but they'll to have to start from scratch, additionally for Ironmen all emblems will be cleared from this update, this is make sure points can't be stored from Monday's update

We've made these changes to prevent Ironman players from obtaining the T87 weapons so easily, even more so given they could have pre-boosted before the main update.

As always, thank you for your feedback!
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