Group Ironman Mode?

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These were the exact words from Mod Poerkie, posted on Reddit 5 months ago:

"Heey there, for the time being this has been shelved. It’s a bigger job than first anticipated, and has the same engine dependencies as Mobile and Bank Rework. We are sorry for those who were looking forward to it. If we have more news to share, we will!"

No. Group Ironman was not shelved "because of" RS3 Mobile and Bank Rework. Jagex is not working on it now because it HAS THE SAME ENGINE DEPENDENCIES as Mobile and Bank Rework.

AFAIK, this is a matter of Unity vs Unreal engines. I think it is a matter of time when Jagex feel like they are migrating their current games over to Unity, and probably Cloud, then they will pick up all the currently "shelved" projects all related to engine works. This is probably why we don't see any more NXT or graphic updates as well as the originally planned Dynamic Weather and Combat Tick system projects - because all of them are related to engine works.

I also don't see RS3 Mobile is "planned for the month of October 2019". I think it will be out pretty soon. :)

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Dilbert2001 said:
I think Group Ironman is not just "shelved" but has outright stopped due to technical reason. Same goes with Skilling Offhand.

However, unlike some people thought (or stated), the other projects mentioned in 2018 will come out soon. They include Fire Spirits (will come with Fireworking update next week), Shattered World update, and "the strange demon boss that players could kill solo or team from inside out".

The reason for the delay of such projects was the cancellation of TAPP in the last few months of 2018. However, the TAPP ban has been lifted now and these projects are being released starting new week, although Jagex did not bother to "hype" them up with their proper Month Ahead or quarterly review announcements. :)

Jagex confirmed in yesterday's live stream that Group Ironman is not shelved as I posted:

"Group Ironman: not a no, it's not on the shelf. It's one of those updates where we're not about to release it so we don't want to say too much. OSRS also want it, and they're looking for engine changes that will help precipitate that and that benefits us too. Probably going to release it on both games at the same time."

It is not shelved, but just not being worked on because of pending engine update... and this update is not just for RS3 because once when the engine update is completed, Jagex has plan to work on and release it on OSRS too.

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