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Hello fellow runescapers it has been a thrill since mobile release but i feel as if something is off. Clans must take a priority. I feel as if the clan system is just for chatting. Back in the days Clans actually socialized and go to war. What a thrill for clans to actually recruit and have members and do wars. I know Rs3 isn't as flourished as Osrs but definitely transfer the clan system to Osrs. More socializing and content to add onto like rankings and such. Definitely something to look forward to more utilizing Pvp and Discord for wars. Ahh the nostalgia.. If anyone reads this give some feedback i do hope you feel the same about clan systems. Push this to the top this definitely needs to change!

22-Jan-2019 08:18:49

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Okay, first off, this is a suggestion, not a future update.

Second, this isn't the OSRS forum. This is the RS3 forum. Talking about improvements to OSRS here won't help your cause.

Finally, at least when it comes to RS3, I'm all for improvements to give clans a bit more to do. However, in regards to clan wars, PvP needs to be massively fixed. Nobody wants to do it. The recent M&S rework helps a bit as now, decent melee gear is much more affordable. But it isn't enough. As for Discord, it should not be implemented into the game. It's bad enough everyone who uses it demands others use it as well(reminds me of when Facebook was the new "it" thing...ugh). I miss going to Clan Wars, joining a friend chat, and engaging in somewhat large battles. But since nobody bothers, it is dead. And I doubt any updates will ever change that. I hate to say it, I love PvP, but it might as well be removed from the game entirely as nobody else seems to care. It is all about xp, slayer, and bossing now. Hell, some players these days are mad that it's possible for them to be PK'd in the Wilderness.

TL;DR, go post this elsewhere, and, good luck.
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