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Ashe Lihzeh
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Ashe Lihzeh

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Requirements: 80 Magic, 80 Prayer, 80 Summoning
Description: Necromancy is ability to raise and command the dead. Similar to summoning the player uses the remains of defeated enemies to utilize in battle. The forms of the raised dead are ghosts, revenants, skeletals, and zombied. Dark prayers can also be offered up to rise demons to battle.

01-Feb-2019 21:39:23

Saint Benjy
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Saint Benjy

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Lordsyth said:
That is just summoning.
Not necessarily. Jagex is rework happy right now, so it seems unlikely that we'll get necromancy anytime soon, but those are the logical requirements. Not sure how necromancy would play out on a large scale, however.

Given how Jagex is thinking right now, necromancy might just be a summoning rework.

02-Feb-2019 00:31:07

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