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Vaginal Leak said:
I literally logged on to tell you people you're god damn idiots who can't think outside the box. Bringing rs to mobile will introduce thousands of new players to the game simply because it's going to be the first REAL mmo on mobile, not these shitty little Korean MMOs that require you to pay 50$ at every turn. I'd also like to point out a whole lot more people have a mobile device than people who have a PC.

Literally logged in to say the dumb dumb is you.

Yes, the mobile port will bring in more players, but if the mobile size is to big or drains the battery to much people WONT stick around with it, itll become that thing you look at when your parents or wife is talking and you dont care about what their saying.

trust me, the mobile playerbase is pretty fickle, yea itll bring more people back and more players in, but a lot wont stay.

Heres why it truly is a bad idea, just to make neckbeards a bit happier.

1. RS3 and OSRS were made specifically for the PC

- do you realize how bad a xbox - pc port can be? same can be said for pc - mobile

2. look at the layout and how small a screen a smart phone has, how often do you think you might fat finger your items while playing corp, or what if your phone has a defect in it where the screen locks up untill the battery cools down after X point and you die?

- mine actually does lock up for no reason when playing certain mobile games and its a brand new android!

3. in my opinion they should bring RS to mobile but with a different design style or maybe different worlds/servers specifically for mobile

i feel with how runescape is now in general, its a bad idea for a mobile port.

yes people use teamviewer to simulate a mobile port but their not fat fingering their items because it still has the PC layout -.-

18-Jul-2017 13:34:38

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