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If mining and smithing get a rework, then would Woodcutting, Fletching, and Firemaking get a similar update in the future?

Would be made using the same processes as with the Pickaxes following the M/S rework.
Bronze-Rune don't change, except with Rune getting a +x version. We now see Orichalcum - Elder Rune Hatchets.
We would also see something similar to the Pickaxe of Earth and Song, except for Woodcutting. (ie: Hatchet of the Naiad? Woodsbane?) This hatchet would be augmentable.

Tree Levels
Trees, much like ore rocks, would now be retiered to match your Range Level. Fletching and Firemaking would match.
Level 1 - regular trees/logs
Level 10 - Oak Trees/logs
Level 20 - Willow Trees/logs
Level 30 - Maple Trees/logs
Level 40 - Yew Trees/logs
Level 50 - Magic Trees/logs
Level 60 - Elder Trees/logs
Level 70 - Crystal? Blisterwood?
Level 80 - "something new"
Level 90 - "something new"

Choking Ivy and Bamboo don't change.
Crystal Trees (no produce) could stay as is.

We're still left with Teak and Mahog which are used to make crossbows. It is possible they could be slotted such that they fill go in between Levels 30 and 60, allowing wood like Magic and Elder to go further down.
This would mean that only 1 new tree would need to be added to create a tier comparable to Elder Rune. It would also mean needing to add Teak and Mahog Short/Shieldbows, and potentially retiering some of the other bows.
Meanwhile, Blisterwood could still be its own niche use (though it does occupy T70, much like Bane is slotting for melee at T80)

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Crossbows could be reworked such that they become purely a Smithing product.
This would remove wooden stocks from the game.
Fletching would still be in play to make the crossbow string

Bolts would not change other than having their fletching levels now match the ranged levels for the ammo.

This would allow for the new T60-90 metals to get in use in game for players that use ranged.

Chopping Trees and Tree Locations
The main difference between Woodcutting and Mining (pre-update) was the general abundance of trees, and the fact that they often didn't quickly deplete.
The issue with mining was only 1 person could get the ore (with certain exceptions like Concentrated rocks). Post M/S rework removes this issue.
M/S rework however centralizes a lot of rocks.

Would something similar need to happen with how some trees are centralized?

In addition, would we need to introduce a similar hardness/penetration/damage with Woodcutting like we now see in Mining?

The actions of swinging your hatchet to get logs would not change.

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Since I partially worked out a fletching extension already (albeit not a full rework that is) I would like to share a few thoughts:

- Change crossbow stocks to fitting to the metal of the respective tier: Bronze-Wooden, Iron-Oak, Blurite-Oak, Steel-Willow, Mithril-Maple, Adamant-Yew, Runite-Magic, Dragon-Elder. Existing teak/mahogany stocks are converted to maple/yew ones.

As we lack many low levelled staves the fletching skill now also allows to fletch staves from any standard log. None of the staves grants elemental runes, nor are orbs able to be attached to them. All Staves need 1 of their respective logs. For balancing reasons fletching staves should give less xp than the combined for fletching and stringing a shieldbow of the same tier.

Please note the numbers are part of our current artisans system, if fletching gets a rework after smithing I will adjust them.

Staff (tier 1): Requires fletching 11, grants 18 xp. This is the staff already ingame.
Oak Staff (tier 10): Requires fletching 26, grants 48 xp.
Willow Staff (tier 20): Requires fletching 41, grants 75 xp.
Maple Staff (tier 30): Requires fletching 56, grants 110 xp.
Yew Staff (tier 40): Requires fletching 71, grants 142 xp.
Magic Staff (tier 50): Requires fletching 86, grants 175 xp.
Elder Staff (tier 60, p2p): Requires fletching 96, grants 200 xp.

I think mahogany and teak are special trees just like gold and silver are special non-core rocks and thus should be phased out for the creation of regular equipment - if used for equipment it should be niche stuff (e.g. 35 for teak, 45 for mahogany). This also is the reason why I wouldn't use blisterwood as a core tree (I wouldn't want to see how they were to twist lore if they were to try to be honest).
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That staff fletching extension basically should tackle two issues the fletching skill has: It is extremely lacking in terms of features until we reach scrimshaws and while staves are grandiously included at medium and high levels coverage is horrible at low levels.

This btw is the reason why I wouldn't take away crossbow creation from fletching. This skill needs more features to define it, not less. New stocks fitting to their tiers (orikalkum-elder, necrite-t70 wood, bane-t80 wood, elder rune-t90 wood) can easily be included - it wouldn't be that broken to need 2 level 70 skills to make a piece of level 70 equipment. The dragon stock just like the blurite one will only be used to create some niche/cosmetic piece of equipment then.

As for woodcutting:

I wouldn't want to see clearcutting suddenly, but they should make all trees non-competetive (just like blisterwood and elder works right now): Basically normal trees should still define the ambience and at certain locations other trees will grow as well.

Seeing trees and tiering: They could upgrade the acadia tree as well to a fully fledged one (at a new t40 niche, with yew being moved up to 50, magic up to 60 and elder to 70), albeit they couldn't be used for f2p for obvious reasons. So I guess the safest approach would be creating new trees for 70, 80 and 90.
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Not to delve into how many times I've suggested change to ANYTHING on RuneScape(exhaustive)..

With the exception of lore, quest requirements, npc dialogue..

Most in-game resources already exsist.
THERE'S NO GOOD REASON for JaGEx not to restructure/rework ALL of the skill/tier levels 1-99.

1-90 for resources/products.
5-95 for quest/hybrid/pvm.

120 in every skill WILL come in time.
I'll have to trust developers to fill those.. Yikes!?
As a majority of RS3 players are Max/Comp'd this should not, aside from opinion, be an issue.

Quick Tip: The template for the rework rests in Daemonhiem.

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