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Since hunter is unsustainable with 1-2% of players gaining 2m xp/hr with a useless spell I think it's safe to say treasure hunter is also unsustainable with 30mxp/hr. Is treasure hunter at 30m xp/hr worse for the game for all skills or hunter at max 2m xp/hr? Is treasure hunter causing the game to spiral out of control like hunter xp rates are?

08-May-2019 16:18:20

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Jagex did an oopsie again, thinking that people wouldn't see through their obvious attempt at making the MTX more aggressive by making the game grindier... unless you dumped your wallet of course. :P

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08-May-2019 16:32:12

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Jagex can turn a blind eye to TH because it benefits them (gives them profit). Hunter wouldn't be touched if Crystalise came from micro-transactions. They only care about game integrity when it comes to content that players don't have to pay additional money for. .

08-May-2019 18:23:00

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