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Ice Trey
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Ice Trey

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Sup yall, ive joined a community of over 10,000 online petition signers who are interested in an HD rs client. Weve decided that we no longer want to put countless hours into a game not worth investing. Their was an old HD rs client that got shit down, so me and tens of thousands of other runescape fanatics are wondering when this change will occur. Were getting tired of waiting and personally, I wanna play HD rs more than ever before. To all the forum users, no, gtfo with those stupid comments about “how its too hard”. Community members have done it, and if jagex wanted to, they could do it too. To all the jagex mods, my community of retired rs players wants one thong and only thing only... A CLIENT WORTH DUMPING MY SOUL INTO. Osrs graphics are booty, and the nostalgia just isnt doing it anymore. Our credit cards are on hold until the right decision is made...

28-May-2019 18:41:11

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Now I see.

Just another example of throwback players not really knowing what they want then.

Outdated and somewhat clunky visuals, aesthetics and mechanics in the name of nostalgia, or shiny hi-def visuals and production quality that significantly differs from what you knew and were comfortable with. Don't get it both ways.

Isn't there supposed to be a dedicated board to keep all that crap in one place?

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This forum is for feedback and discussion on upcoming update to RuneScape (RS3).

Suggestions for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) should be posted in the Old School Content Suggestions Forum. However, Jagex has already said no to HD for Old School, and you should not be using Jagex's own forums to threaten them with a boycott.

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29-May-2019 16:28:12

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