Comp Cape Rework Dev Update

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Max Zuba

Max Zuba

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I like the stuff i'm seeing here. It all makes sense to me.

After reading the other players responses on this thread, i think you need to clarify some points. As alot dont fully understand it or think you are overcomplicating things.

1) That you will be basically combining the current comp requirements with the existing achievements system. And catagorising their difficulty as tier1 or tier2 or tier3.

Comp cape effectively becomes the reward for completing all tier 1 rewards
A new cape would becomes the reward for completeing all tier2 rewards
Trimmed comp cape effectively becomes the reward for completing all tier3 rewards

2) how you fit other current capes into this new model.

Quest cape isnt going, it'll be the tier1 cape for lore
A new cape will be the tier2 cape for lore
Master quest cape isnt going, it'll be the tier3 cape for lore (currently more acurate desription as it includes lore books which you described at tier3 reqs)

Max cape isnt going, it'll be the tier1 cape for skills
A new cape will be the tier2 cape for skills
A new cape will be the tier3 cape for skills

3) Stats are only relevant for combat. And comp isnt about combat, its about completionism

If you want the best ingame cape stat wise then comp isnt for you
If you want to do all that runescape has to offer then comp is for you

4) The biggest hurdle i see is for those players that worked hard to get all these reqs just because of the stats & abilites on the cape. These are the ones who will get hit the most with any sensible changes you make going forward. The sooner you fix this the better, i just hope the number of these people isnt high.

5) In the old days there was no special reward for getting 99 in a skill, but players still did it. There is no reward for getting 200m xp in a skill, but players still do it. Reward players that get to these milestones, but make it cosmetic. The game changed when 99 capes with stats got added. You created an endgame. Now its time to fix it.

12-Mar-2019 18:38:57

Max Zuba

Max Zuba

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I'm liking how this is going so far, but i would like to add thoughts to the tier 1 combat.

I see you are having internal discussion about moving forced group content to tier 2. I think you should, and i'll explain why.

I have heard the argument "well all group content is the same". If you take out group combat from combat then you have to take group mini games out of minigames. I disagree with this. Thats like someone saying chopping a tree is the same as killing telos, as they are both single player content, thats nonsense. Runescape was designed as a single player game. Multi-player wasnt there (probably due to programming constraints). Over the years multiplayer content was added in things like shield of arrav quest and heros quest (a feature that has now been removed) and mini-games, and more recently multiplayer boss content.

Mini-games were added as something fun to do with friends (yes there was a time when people just played for fun rather than acheivements). They were safe places. You didnt lose your items on death (back when they dropped on the floor and someone else could pick them up). You didnt need good gear (it only went upto rune initially anyway). You didnt need to learn combat mechanics. If you died it didnt affect your team, you just respawned and carried on.

Group bosses. They arnt safe places. If you die you have to pay to get your stuff back from death. You need good gear. You need to learn combat mechanics. If you die you are out of the fight and cant get back in, and your team has to carry on with one player down. There is alot more pressure on you to perform, other players are relying on you.

I dont think you can compare these two and say they are the same.

What about 'leeching' ? could you leech both of these ? Yes. But you are not playing the content. If you didnt need to 'tick off' the achievements you wouldnt be there. Is that what you at Jagex want ? I hope not.

In summary group bosses should be separate to solo bosses.

08-Apr-2019 12:15:12

Max Zuba

Max Zuba

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Its interesting to see what classifies as insane and not insane.

From a personal point of view i find it much easier to do tasks that require grinding than those that require skill.

For example.
If you can kill a kal'gerion demon, then its only a matter of time before you get all the title drops from them. (and it took me a couple of months to get them all)
1000% Telos. Yes you only have to do it once. But you could try and try and never get there.

Something like the tuska mask could easily be tier1 instead of tier2 (as mask parts are fairly common, and airut aren't that hard to kill).
Also gwd2 rep can be gained by killing the monsters that run around the heart, and using their drops to summon faction minions for rep, rather than killing the bosses themselves. so could be tier1 instead of tier2

If your plan is just to split the extra acheivements between sane tier2 and insane tier3 then thats all fine. And it is better to keep things simple.

But unless you move the group bosses from tier1 to tier2, you are saying its easier to kill yakamaru than it is to assemble a tuska mask, which makes no sense. My understanding was the reason for having tiers was so you could catagorise tasks better in difficulty settings. I think you need to breakdown the reaper title requirements (convienient though it is all in one place) i think the addition of all the group bosses means you need to split it into difficulty settings for different bosses.

08-Apr-2019 13:10:33

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