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I just wanna say thank you for that, I just wish that he would give more slayer points then other slayer masters do, I already know that he has the ability to drop the emblems which is already a boost but I think extra points would be the icing in the cake, I also hope that this means that there will be new bosses or mini bosses added to the wildy

03-Mar-2019 22:44:14

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I'm upset that this is to "replace" bounty hunter. It should have been replaced with a real solution, not a method that has continually failed (luring non-PVPers (skillers/PVMers) into the wild for griever pkers to abuse).

I do support wilderness slayer tasks, I'm just upset that they are to replace what was meant to be a solution to PKing. I also support this thread, that wilderness slayer tasks should give more slayer points than all other masters, because of the risk involved.

This is a real solution to PVP The New Wild (instanced)
I apologise for the rant, I just really want to get Jagex's attention.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP <----- UPDATED to include
Removing RNG from PVP

07-Mar-2019 09:35:33

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