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In RuneScape, one gets access to a new resource dungeon quite often, after every 5 levels of Dungeoneering... until reaching level 95. Then, when it's hardest to gain levels, the next one is the one with the Motherlode Maw at level 115.

I remember reading a post some time back complaining about this. Well, I'd like to express my thanks that now there will be a new resource dungeon, with a supply of extra Abyssal Demons and Dark Beasts, at level 100 Dungeoneering.

02-Mar-2019 00:46:41

Why So Fishy

Why So Fishy

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I think the Dungeoneering resource dungeons needs some updating in general. Most of them are completely outdated or have garbage inside, and like you said they really isn't any good ones for higher levels.

02-Mar-2019 03:00:11

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Well - considering that the last non-cosmetic unlock, which wouldn't be a resource dungeon is at level 90 - they still would have a lot of free room for new stuff.

Generally - I guess that specific dungeon might help with bottlenecks regarding abyssals and dark beasts - depending on its layout and where it is located.
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I don't mind that this dungeon doesn't unbalance the game by providing access to vast new resources. Having more abyssal demons and dark beasts - and the bonus Dungeoneering XP on visiting it the first time - is enough to satisfy me that my gain in Dungeoneering experience is being acknowledged as earlier gains were. And perhaps there will eventually be ones for 105 and 110 which will be more exciting.

02-Mar-2019 20:35:36



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Lvl 10 - Chaos Druids, Low lvl Herb spawns. Mostly herblore support

Lvl 15 - various mining rocks. not a bad mining site option with bank deposit

Lvl 20 - Hill Giants, Limp Root Spawns. only useful if you really need limp root or doing hill giant slayer task/champ challenge hunt

Lvl 25 - Lesser Demons, Imps. Slayer location, another champ challenge hunt location.

Lvl 30 - Willow/Maple. Not a useful wc spot for p2p. ok location for f2p

Lvl 35 - only useful for Fire Giant Slayer Tasks

Lvl 40 - more rocks. reduced value with m/s rework. "useful" if doing lvl 40-50 mining and smithing

Lvl 50 - combat dungeon but little value

Lvl 55 - Hellhounds. Combat and clue scroll hunters. little else

Lvl 60 - blue Dragons, blue dragon scales. Self explanatory. Scales limited value.

Lvl 65 - moss giants, magic trees, limp root. Be great for F2P to have magic tree access. not too useful for p2p

Lvl 67 - Celestial Dragons

Lvl 70 - Black Demons. Another slayer dungeon

Lvl 75 - mid-upper lvl rocks, implings. semi useful mining site for T70 ore

Lvl 80 - metal dragons. only useful if you can't get access to other places for metal dragon tasks

Lvl 82 - "more" Polypore creatures. competition isn't that bad there

Lvl 85 - Frost Dragons

Lvl 90 - Kal'gerion Demons, Gem Rocks

Lvl 95 - Gorajo, bloodwood tree, divine spawns, implings. probably one of the "best" ones you can access

Lvl 115 - Maw, Sandstone, Eddimus. Other good one for daily reward.

11 pure combat "resource" dungeons. several that do double duty.

03-Mar-2019 00:38:08

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Whilst on the face of it this seems like a "good" update, It just seems like a really lazy update with next to no effort to implement.

1. We don't need any more dark beast locations...
2. On task its easy to find a free abyssal demon world in kuradels dungeon.
3. Off task abyssal demons are always packed in slayer tower by max players semi/AFKing for Invention xp and money. This update just means that the resource dungeon will just be the same as the tower as generally anyone doing the demons off task is 100+dung anyway.
4. Its just another way for maxed combat players bring AFK cash into the game of which there is already the top floor of the tower for.
5. At least as it stand the players wanting to do the demons have to search for a world and potentially compete for a spot at the demons.

Pretty poor resource dungeon IMO, if I want to kill DBs ill go to temple of light, if I want to kill abby demons I'll go to Kuradels dungeon.
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05-Mar-2019 15:47:15



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I like the idea of a resource dungeon revamp - this could be a very exciting and interesting major update that everyone can benefit from.

As some previous posts mention, there are a few dungeons that are wonderful as is, but I agree that there is a tremendous opportunity to make resource dungeons more rewarding and worthwhile to a) work towards and b) use/ visit regularly.
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