New Resource Dungeon at 100

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Lvl 10 - Chaos Druids, Low lvl Herb spawns. Mostly herblore support

Lvl 15 - various mining rocks. not a bad mining site option with bank deposit

Lvl 20 - Hill Giants, Limp Root Spawns. only useful if you really need limp root or doing hill giant slayer task/champ challenge hunt

Lvl 25 - Lesser Demons, Imps. Slayer location, another champ challenge hunt location.

Lvl 30 - Willow/Maple. Not a useful wc spot for p2p. ok location for f2p

Lvl 35 - only useful for Fire Giant Slayer Tasks

Lvl 40 - more rocks. reduced value with m/s rework. "useful" if doing lvl 40-50 mining and smithing

Lvl 50 - combat dungeon but little value

Lvl 55 - Hellhounds. Combat and clue scroll hunters. little else

Lvl 60 - blue Dragons, blue dragon scales. Self explanatory. Scales limited value.

Lvl 65 - moss giants, magic trees, limp root. Be great for F2P to have magic tree access. not too useful for p2p

Lvl 67 - Celestial Dragons

Lvl 70 - Black Demons. Another slayer dungeon

Lvl 75 - mid-upper lvl rocks, implings. semi useful mining site for T70 ore

Lvl 80 - metal dragons. only useful if you can't get access to other places for metal dragon tasks

Lvl 82 - "more" Polypore creatures. competition isn't that bad there

Lvl 85 - Frost Dragons

Lvl 90 - Kal'gerion Demons, Gem Rocks

Lvl 95 - Gorajo, bloodwood tree, divine spawns, implings. probably one of the "best" ones you can access

Lvl 115 - Maw, Sandstone, Eddimus. Other good one for daily reward.

11 pure combat "resource" dungeons. several that do double duty.

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