Cape update. WHEN?????

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Simple question, WHEN?

The “Reaper Crew” achievement will be removed as a requirement from the comp cape. Reaper has caused issues ever since its introduction, years after comp was initially brought into the game, frequently locking many players out of a cape they were otherwise always able to obtain. Hard bosses are intentionally designed to be harder than many players are comfortable with, which makes for a poor combination with the comp cape. Where most other content is normal easily accessible and solo-able, many various bosses introduce difficult, and forced group, gameplay. As well as this, reaper can sometimes limit developers from pushing difficulty on new high-end bosses as it can cause an uproar in the comp community - we’ve seen various instances of this in the past.

The “How Many Games?” Castle Wars achievement will be removed as a requirement from the trimmed comp cape. This achievement has also been controversial over the years - requiring a huge amount of time from the player. At one point it also had to have its requirement reduced, yet it still hasn’t improved since. It’s wildly out of sync with other achievements on the trimmed comp cape and quite frankly needs to be addressed. If we were releasing Castle Wars today, we would never put an achievement like this on it.

13-May-2019 14:59:42

Thunder Jinx
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At this rate they will just keep watering it down over and over until they're left with making no changes to it at all.
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13-May-2019 15:16:53

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No kidding the past 6 months waiting on this immanent doom hanging over our heads is getting rediculous, at least do something!?!?!

Like Don on 3rd rock from the sun: "How can ANYTHING take this long?"
....that is......other than the "How many games?" perhaps

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