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The features you have suggested can easily be implemented within the current RuneScape 3 game engine and client. There are also many core parts of RuneScape 3 to be completed (for example, mobile client, improvements to NXT, a browser version, etc.) so I wouldn't expect any mention of a successor for a long time. Even then though this version of the game should really just be branded 'RuneScape' and keep version/build numbers internal. Low on bank space? Click here.

03-Feb-2019 01:57:57

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runescape remastered, based purely around MTX. royal society magazine

We would agree that regardless of the profitability of the loot box trade, the risks associated with them are worryingly high

06-Feb-2019 19:03:04



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Swift Punch1 said:
Runescape Remastered may be what you're referring to. It should be fully announced sometime this year and from what I've read about it; think like skyrim but runescape.

CrystalOcean said:
I'm thinking maybe this "Remastered" game might take place at the beginning of the First Age when the Elder Gods created Gielenor.

Skull-inky said:
runescape remastered, based purely around MTX.

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