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The features you have suggested can easily be implemented within the current RuneScape 3 game engine and client. There are also many core parts of RuneScape 3 to be completed (for example, mobile client, improvements to NXT, a browser version, etc.) so I wouldn't expect any mention of a successor for a long time. Even then though this version of the game should really just be branded 'RuneScape' and keep version/build numbers internal. Low on bank space? Click here.

03-Feb-2019 01:57:57

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runescape remastered, based purely around MTX. Jagex - Given up trying to win any decent
since 2010.

Please remove the over the top notifications for mimic tokens, its a 10k item no-one wants, it doesn't need a message and loot beam.

06-Feb-2019 19:03:04



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Swift Punch1 said:
Runescape Remastered may be what you're referring to. It should be fully announced sometime this year and from what I've read about it; think like skyrim but runescape.

CrystalOcean said:
I'm thinking maybe this "Remastered" game might take place at the beginning of the First Age when the Elder Gods created Gielenor.

Skull-inky said:
runescape remastered, based purely around MTX.

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