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1. Do you own comp or trim?
I own comp and am 61/65 for trim.

2. Do you want the rework and why?
As Mr. Rey Ray said, there is certainly grounds for a rework and it is needed, yes. But the simplified version of the update is not a rework and simply kicks the can further down the road for what is to happen with a real update that could have been achieved from the less simplified version this replaced.

This accomplishes nothing more than to make trimmed easier to get for those unwilling to put time into a minigame they otherwise would not play. As if because players can't make money from a minigame means they shouldn't be made to play it.

They've never polled this version of the rework and to suggest otherwise is a lie. This update is a complete disservice to the player base who truly sees the value in a rework, but are left with empty hands because Jagex isn't willing to put the work into real change.

It's a disgrace.
Fast Sc

12-Jun-2019 04:15:54

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