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Mr Rey Ray

Mr Rey Ray

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1. Do you own comp or trim ? Yes

2. Do you want the rework and why? Yes and why is below.

I understand the rework is to help with player growth, so the ones going for the trimmed completionist do not have to play alot of minigames to unlock the profound, HowManyGames Achievment.

However they still have to get POF Log/Sandy/Salty/all champion Scrolls/Chompy kills, so it isn't really making it easier.

The Reaper Crew achievement just stops alot of players who owned a comp cape before the achievement was added to not be able to re-obtain their completionist Cape.

Removing the Reaper off completionist, allows those players to reobtain their cape without buffs.

It also stops players feeling bad about not being able to do bossing for the completionist cape.
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11-Jun-2019 18:13:14

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