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1. Do you own comp or trim ?
Owned comp from 2012 - 2014.

2. Do you want the rework and why?

The only thing I wanted changed was Reaper Crew.
I wanted it either removed outright, or have the group bosses pushed onto Trim.

I think Trim should remain the same, as it's purely cosmetic.

12-Jun-2019 19:29:48

Mega Duck
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Mega Duck

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1. Do you own comp or trim ?

Yes, been trim for about 4 years

2. Do you want the rework and why?

No, simply because the current plan isn't a rework, it's a nerf.

When they were planning the first rework, they were talking about adding crazy requirements to trim such as 4k Telos, which would only be suited to the 25 people or so that can do it.
I agree with requirements that are time gated, incredibly long achievements that can ultimately be done by anyone and full completion of minigames, which would include 5k cw games, since the people who are complaining that profound isn't a real requirement can have their wish granted, since 5k is the real completion of castlewars.. ;)

The current "simplified rework" has gone totally in the other direction, i'm still trying to get over the fact it isn't a joke.. They have nerfed cw, not once, not twice, not 3 times, but 4 times.. Hell, they might as well nerf it a 5th time so at least that 1 minigame req is still on the cape instead of taking it off completely.

Idk how this makes sense to anyone...

Trim req: Complete all minigames apart from castlewars.. O_o

As for the reaper requirement, i believe it should remain on the cape without group bosses, or change its name completely, since if people can't even manage to defeat a boss, why do they deserve the title of "The Completionist"?

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Opinion of an alt account :P Main account had comp before the Reaper requirement (come to think of it no actual bossing was on it) and to put it politely it was devastating when they added the bossing BUT it has made both accounts try out some of the solo bosses! What I'm getting at is that it was not a requirement then and for one I'm pleased they are taking it off.
All things considered to unlock all the music tracks required there are still quite a few higher end bossing requirements and still some group content required even if it is unlocked at entrance of a boss instance you would still have to get into a group to (as an example) unlock the Yakamaru track/Solak track. Maybe people should take this into consideration also.

61/71 towards comp & 37/65 trim (imho not bad for an alt acct)

13-Jun-2019 05:49:44

Big Storms
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Big Storms

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Ah a nice and simple poll

1. Do you own comp or trim?


2. Do you want the rework and why?

Do I want the completionist cape? No: it is merely a cape, an ugly one at that. If anything the accumulator bonus is nice as I primarily range (yes in magescape), but having a max cape which is overridden by a cape I actually like suits me just fine.

Did I want a rework? Yes, because now we see an attitude you perfectly described in your post: people play for a cape instead of for fun. Sure, this cape can be a nice goal to play towards, but it becomes a different story when people feel urged to constantly reobtain it, not caring for the content that they are actually playing. In your case, you are pretty much saying: if it is not a completionist requirement I will not play it. I ask you: why? And the other way around: why force yourself through requirements you dislike just for a cape?

In my opinion this devalues the game.

Does this rework solve this? No, it addresses some points (for instance the utility bonuses and the cw requirement), but it mostly is patch work. People will still rush through content and complain about it when something they dislike is a requirement. Developers will still have issues adding new requirements.

Do I want further attempts at a rework? No, for Mod Jack has tried pretty much everything he can while the community proved that it simply never is good enough. There is no solution. The cape will always be an issue unless you have a time machine that can go back and stop them from introducing this cape in the first place. That is the harsh truth.

The irony of it all is that I of all people will probably end up with the cape after this “rework”. While in reality I just do achievements for fun. And even outside of achievements I like to just do fun things: for instance, attaining the dragon revenant pet was a lot of fun! I do not need a cape for that, and I wish others would share the same mentality.
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~Big Storms

13-Jun-2019 11:08:09

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1. Do you own comp or trim ? Yes, comp and about 10 requirements from trim.

2. Do you want the rework and why? I agree with others who've said it's not a rework, but a nerf. No, I don't like the simplified design idea at all, it still makes zero sense. How can you "play" everything, if you don't boss? How can you know the game in-depth for trim, and only have bossed once via leeching or account sharing or without having played CW?

Everything that regular comp doesn't cover should be on trim, period. I would probably never, ever have trim with what I've said because of group bossing--but that's fine because I wouldn't deserve in that case. I LOVE bossing with friends, but those super high level ones are too much for some of us older folk, though I have went and tried to learn and had fun with good people :-). Anyway, if they had just made solo reaper a comp requirement and put group reaper on trim (those peeps do go above and beyond) then added other requirements to both with each major update, it would've saved a lot of trouble--it should be more than 1 kc as well because you don't know the bosses if you don't know how to get the kills.

I also think goebie rep and GW2 should be on trimmed, all quest and MQC requirements, every freaking thing--unless RNG based because many, many people have horrible luck and many people have great luck. The only other thing I'd leave off are virtual levels because they do absolutely nothing aside from upping chances for pets and pieces for elite outfits, they don't help in game at all, i.e., can't open a 101 crafting door in dungeon because you're literally still 99, doesn't boost your combat stats, etc.

That said, I'm not going to be a whiner. I still enjoy RS and will just go with the flow. Not worth getting my panties in a bunch over a game :-)

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