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Katrina said:
the poll is this week

Hopefully they do some sort of survey in regards to it as well, would be nice if such a thing was possible via certain in game polls where it made sense depending on what they were about. But rather than being required to be completed would instead be optional for those who may have more to say in regards to the poll that the poll simply doesn't/can't cover.

There's more to this than meets the eye and I think many people are simply looking at the tip of the iceberg with this topic.

18-Jan-2019 14:52:38

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So as someone who holds no value in having best in slot items, having never held gear higher than T80, and wears tank gear in DPS role to every boss.

I think the comp cape should hold the best stats in the game. You work hard for it and it's a good thing that, that is represented in you having better stats/buffs.

I think some of the impact of losing the comp cape needs to be mitigated though?
So that people don't feel as compelled to chase the comp cape with every new update if they want the best by far bossing gear. Completion-ism of the game should be a goal in its own, not something purely motivated by being the best at bossing.

Now in my opinion that is best done by spreading out the stats of various capes that are already in game, whilst still retaining those best in slot stats and buffs for the comp cape as a reward for "completing the game".
For example, we have the expert skillcapes that's are just a basic skillcape in terms of stats but require you to own 4-8 99s, these could be a step up from skillcapes, having stats that are improved from regular skillcapes. Perhaps something on the level of where the max cape sits right now. Having two skillcape buffs on these is nice, and should be kept as far as I'm concerned.

Then there's master skillcapes for owning virtual level 120 in a skill (or performing the absurdly more difficult than getting comp cape MQC reqs) aside from the master quest cape, the difference is purely cosmetic, which is a bit of a shame really and should have stats equal to or above the expert skillcapes considering the increased effort required, but not above the max cape.

Then Max cape stats can be brought up to near the level of the comp cape, as the max cape is still a monumental achievement, yet as of right now the difference between the max cape and regular skillcapes feels negligible.
Nice +5 style bonus, which is handily beaten by the simplistic to get Tokhaar capes, but at least the max cape gets that prayer bonus of +3 zzz...

20-Jan-2019 07:38:25

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In closing, the power spike difference between the comp cape and every other completionist cape in the game is absurd, and should be levelled out a little so that the dramatic decrease in power is less harshly felt when losing the comp cape to a new update.

20-Jan-2019 07:41:44

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Looking back over things it seems your other main complaint for the comp cape being bad for the game is the droves of people AFK in Castle Wars and other minigames to get the Profound Armour.
That doesn't seem like a comp cape issue but rather a castle wars/people issue, it would be more productive for the games health if Jagex was to look into ways of getting people engaged with castle wars, perhaps more flags capped/defended/kills/assists/damage dealt = more tickets rewarded, instead of the base 0 to 2 you get per game. Whilst this makes castle wars "easier" (although the cost of items could be raised to counterbalance this) it also means people will want to engage with the game to get a higher rate of tickets instead of ignoring it as their level of participation is currently irrelevant to their ticket rate.

Furthermore, trimmed comp cape offers nothing but a cosmetic change. You've been conflating trim requirements vs getting the comp cape, as so far as minigames are concerned, cape stats don't come into the equation and peoples participation in castlewars or lack of have no bearing on combat and owning the BiS item.
I'm worried any conversation you're having about the comp capes stats is frankly in bad faith.

One more thing, the requirements for comp cape do seem a little lacking right now, off the top of my head the base comp cape doesn't have any requirements regarding unlocking combat abilities from shattered worlds. The trimmed variant doesn't make any reference to the GWD/Telos/Raids/AoD/Ed2/horrors abilities/prayers, those are based on drops rather than a direct time invested = reward, so I figure they'd be more suited to the trimmed req personally.
It doesn't seem like much of a completionist cape as of right now.
Neither is there any reference to beating arraxi on specific enrages, yet there's one for Telos? Where's the consistency?
Hopefully these will be addressed in the rework.

20-Jan-2019 09:20:35

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Wasnt reedding that all.. If u give here an idea - option all thats others cape put inside cc(t) im fine.. If not just delete that idea.. Dont like it. Its like make ezscape more ez. ahojki je my 13 a mam rad rusovou

20-Jan-2019 20:05:42

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Quote from today's CompCape rework survey.
"Which makes them seem mandatory for PvM, this locks the best in slot PvM gear behind completionism"
The entire survey feels like a futile thing by the way it's worded they're already planning on Nerfing and ruining comp cape stats.

This idea is the biggest joke i've seen in over 12years of playing Runescape.
From someone who ended up with 120Slayer in 2014 @2200total because I didn't like the idea of skilling and being forced into content...
I bit the bullet, maxed then finished off my Comp req's purely for the PvM benefits, this whole survey and idea disgusts me.
I have nothing against buffing other capes / introducing more capes into the game (buff single style capes to be superior to the Comp's stats) I just do not understand why there is a need to nerf the completionist cape all together because of a select few bone idle players who expect everything for little to no effort.
This update has shown me just how much Jagex likes to appeal to the moaners and complainers.

DON'T NERF COMP, bring more content into the game to give EVERYONE a chance to at least obtain alternate items which individually match or even beat the hybrid stats of Comp.

Kiln 2.0 (buffed Kiln capes for individual style superior stats) or a way to combine/upgrade the current capes into a more beneficial and "easier" PvM cape to obtain.
A way to combine multiple capes which have useful benefits e.g Teleports.
More capes with the ability to customize them freely like comp/max do currently, allowing people to enjoy that aspect as well.

Nerfing something that has been such a big part of the game for many years just seems offensive and rather blind of Jagex. That is my only complaint.

23-Jan-2019 13:26:39

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The poll was a bit lacklustre and I fear the discussion by players (or from what I have seen in the discord channel) revolves mostly on what should be on or off the completionist cape...

Honestly, they could make from the completionist cape what they want (but I suggest not alienating current owners and to adhere to a strict definition to ensure this cape actually stands for something), but regardless of what is done here, it means nothing if it still is seen as the cape to rule over all capes.

Ensure there are alternative capes of equal prestige for different fields, to ensure that people do not flock to the completionist cape by default (as the "best" cape). Have these capes focus on a specific field (skilling, achievements, minigames etc.) and have requirements that go beyond those of the comp cape (in essence making them equal, with the comp cape being the jack of all trades but the other capes masters of their specific field).

Again repeating, this time in digestible bulletpoints:
- Make the comp cape have a strict definition to adhere to.
- Create capes of accomplishment for specific fields, with requirements that go beyond those of the comp cape, thus making them of equal prestige .
- Create several tiers for each cape.
- Do NOT create a cape that is blatantly the best.

This way:
- Current owners of the completionist cape are not alienated from their cape.
- People who have been rushing the comp cape can find a more suitable alternative in the other accompishment capes which actually align with their interests.
. . .
- People will be less inclined to play content they dislike and complain about it.
. . .
- Developers are less constrained in making requirements for any cape.
- Due to several tiers, people can get their preferred cape in steps.
. . .
- People are less inclined to rush content, and preferably this prevents people also rushing through new content.
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Either Comp Cape shouldn't be BIS for PvM, or you should actually be required to PvM to obtain it. That means not removing Reaper, and honestly Reaper is far too light of a requirement imo. Killing every boss once takes a few hours at most, compare that to the hundreds of hours of skilling and questing and grinding random "achievements" you'd never do for any other reason that you need to do to for the rest of Comp's reqs and it pales in comparison.

Warden, Daredevil, full Omens outfit, and the gold Soul Cape should be added to comp, and buying/selling boss leeches should be cracked down upon. IFB should be added to trim.
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