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The chance has arrived for you to have your say in the game you love. That’s right: the RuneScape Annual Survey is here. Complete it now!

The RuneScape Annual Survey gives you the chance to influence future updates by scoring and prioritising our backlog. The results from previous years gave way to Solak, the Clue Scroll Overhaul, Menaphos, Mining & Smithing and more. Click here to read more about some of the updates in this year’s survey.

It closes at the end of March. We’ll host a live stream then to discuss the results.

Take the survey now.

The RuneScape Team

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Here are a few things what i want changed the most
1. Make changing shoes to F2P as only Thessalia is used for changing base clothes Yrsa is forgotten with changing base clothes.
2. Make more outfits/hairstyles again
3. Bring DarkScape Back as a permanant thing As that didtn deserve to be temporarily availible
4. Give us 1 full week of allowing F2P to try members out
5. Not overusing the same content for events again or making Shadow Outfits briefly availible
6. Same as 5. But make different events instead of using the same stuff over again as the events are really getting boring IMPO
7. Gilded Weapons Yes that was made for 07 But bring something good for Nxt once
8. Nerf the price of the Gold Accumalator heavily it costs too much for a non-degradeable coins grabber
9. If botters get banned allow the players to have their accounts stuff taken and given to legitimate players

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