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From the RS Wiki:

The cape's perk gives a 2% chance for degradable items not to degrade (this does not apply to augmented items, except those that degrade to dust).

Degradable "items" definitely includes weapons.

For mage armour, it depends on what sort of combat you're doing.

• If it's within the elite dungeons, then augmented T92 Elite Tectonic would be the best choice as it doesn't degrade there.

• For high level bossing, augmented T90 Tectonic would be the best choice (or Superior Achto if doing high enrage Telos).

• For slayer, either augmented T80 Virtus or augmented T70 Subjugation is quite cost efficient (since you're getting hit by multiple monsters at once).

• Don't bother with the Efficient or Enhanced Efficient perks, as it's a waste of a perk slot on your armour pieces. You can put the Invention cape as well on your Max/Comp Cape, as the perk is, "The cape's perk provides a 2% charge drain reduction, which stacks multiplicatively with other reductions."
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