Came back to RuneScape.

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Hello, I have just came back to RuneScape after I left when EoC was introduced.
I realised fletching is now f2p and rune defender I could use as f2p as well now. (What's the point of having defender when we have offhands?)
Gear I have is dragon scimitar, dragon defender, fighter torso, dragon platelegs, dragon boots, helm of neitiznot, ring of wealth, culiomancer gloves 10 (barrows gloves), amulet of glory and trimmed skill cape.
You can lookup my levels here:

While I was gone I was hacked or I was poor as all hells as now I have couple millions. I would like to ask what gear could I use now (member items ofc) and what should I be aiming for? I look forward to use both melee and range, not fight as Mage tho.
Any particular things I could do to improve my time with RS?
Any tips for old player in general maybe?
Thanks for every and single reply and help! Happy Scapin!

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