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It tells you all over the runescape site that you can buy member ship with bonds but i don't see anywhere where it it tells you how many days u get per bond i don't want to spend 22 million and only get like 5 days game time so anyone got a clue how many days u get for 1 bond?

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I don't know what page you were reading, but if you look at "Membership" under the "Shop" tab at the top of the website, it says "14 Days with Bonds", so you get 14 days at the minimum with bonds.

Obviously, redeeming more bonds is better, as you get 29 days (an extra day) with 2 bonds, and 45 days (3 extra days) with 3 bonds. By far the best deal is the Gold Premier Club Membership, as you normally get 299 days if you redeem 20 bonds (6 * 45 days + 1 * 29 days), but instead you get 12 months (66 extra days).
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