where has my sigil gone

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This update didn't really affect me as all I had was an unused Limitless sigil, which was fully refunded with 1k vital sparks.

Sorry to hear that many players didn't receive a full refund for the other sigils, since it wasn't communicated across all communication channels (i.e. you wouldn't know to fully charge your sigils if you don't frequently read Reddit, Twitter, etc).

You know what would've made more sense? If Jagex refunded the sigils through shards (e.g. similar to the shards received when players are using coinshare) proportional to the number of charges remaining on a sigil, that can then be combined with either shards or the relevant invention components at an invention workbench to make the new codices. I don't know how technically feasible this solution would've been, but this would've ensured that everyone actually received an adequate refund, regardless if you saw the Reddit/Twitter posts or not.
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