Is a partyhat still reachable?

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Can confirm can do anything you want, nothing is impossible.
Membership started in 2014, didn't get maxed/comp until 2016; had no bank then and in ~1 year made enough for blue. In the time I was playing, it went from 10b when I first wanted it to now, and pvm is enough for it.

For those who really want one, stay focused and you'll get it. (none of cash was staked, etc)

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If the update to trade hats in ge ever will come then hats will drop,at least initially.
One of the big motivations for getting them out of the ge in the first place,beeing able to street trade them for very high margins and with little competition from other sellers,will disappear. But there are more reasons.
My guess is we wont see a new high for the coming 6 months in anticipation of this still hypothetical update.

And before some random comes crying "manipulation"

*disclaimer* I do own hats and I still do want them to drop because I also sold some hats that I would like to buy back cheaper.
And the reason i sold some hats was because I think they will drop.
See,it all makes perfect sense lol.

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I recall when Godwars 1 came out. It was much easier to get a partyhat compared to AoD now. I'm not sure these top-players are representing the history of "goals" in RS2->RS3 very well. The current price vs. method is actually way more effort than ever before... even for veteran players.

Assuming max combat, equip & a decent team. It was around 250-300 hours for a blue partyhat with Godwars 1 (much less for a purple). Blue was ~400m and purple ~80-120m then. Currently, 250 hours @ AoD is needed for purple and around 565 for blue w/ the estimate of 40m/hr. AoD actually takes effort. Seems like if you started playing in 2007 you would be on the easy track to getting a purple partyhat compared to now.

It was slightly easier when Tormented Demons came out. Especially when corp shields were bought out. Some top-level PvM players could get one in a week or two if they tried (LSP way too OP). Telos is like... insane amounts of effort relative to TD's as well. Really hard to argue it is easier now than ever. TD's were so easy lol... so many claw drops w/ cheap phats.

Basically in 2017 you face the most amount of effort & time-investment to obtain a partyhat.

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None of that focuses on the status and functionality of the street market. We are seeing what happened after balanced trade be laser focused on discontinued items and dragged out for many years. Back in balanced trade we saw clans manipulate junk. There is no junk now. The "junk" is essentially GP. Eventually the dynamic flips and the junk will be valued over the buyout. We all saw the tragic end to items when that happened during balanced trade. These groups of merchs who think they're pros... are pros. They will gut so much GP out of the market into spirit shards. Everyone's head will be spinning with their calculated losses.

The next question legit investors should ask is what will they target after this bubble implodes? Those choices start to affect everyone and ... JaGeX could get involved then =) wouldn't that be nice to see

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