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Hi I was wondering if someone knew the cost per hour of tier 80 ancient power armours- virtus, torva, and pernix augmented- and the tier 90 augment degrade into dissuse counterparts -tectonic, malevolent, and sirenic- in a single combat situation?

Ar at least have a complete formula from which it can deduced from in a single or largely single combatcombat situation such as vindicta, helwyr or telos?

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Well you would have to define a time period in order to compare T80 to T90 as T80 does not degrade to dust so over an infinite time frame T80 has no start up cost and therefore cost is only divine charge lost per hour.

Each T90 piece that is augmented uses 36 divine charges (108k charges) or 72 (216k charges) between a top and bottom which for a T80 would be ~10 hours of combat.

With that said, you are paying divine charges for T90 same as T80 so the divine charges and T90 armor charges basically cancel, I think.

Which leaves u with a T80 cost per hour becoming infinitely smaller and the cost for T90 being dependent on how it is used in combat. I.e 150 hours of rots did not break any of my Tectonic, Sirenic or Malevolent sets.

If I assume all sets were basically used up at this point(they were not). I've assumed a set lasts 50 hours and at this point would say that over 50 hours the cost per hour for:

Melee is 50M/50 (Torva) to 21M/50 (Malevolent)

Range is 54M/50 (Pernix) to 30M/50 (Sirenic)

Mage is 58M/50 (Virtus) to 66M/50 (Tectonic)

So after 50 hours it costs more for Nex (melee and range) than T90 and it costs more for T90 (mage) than T80. For every 50 hour increment you multiply the right side of the ratio by 2,3,4 etc...

Side note: the same malevolent I used for rots is now at 95k/100k charges used after 20 hours of Magister and many hours uncounted doing slayer for slayer codex.

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t80 and t90 armour costs/h

based on GE med prices 3-20-2018
augmentor 580K
divine charges 73K
augmenting t90 body or legs takes 36 divine charge
how long t90 armour will last depends on where you fight, so cost/h might be off depending what you fight.

10 hours
t80 melee lvl1 smithing lvl99 smithing lvl100 smithing
torva full helm 6.3m 500k 250k 125k
torva platebody 36.2m 2m 1m 500k
torva platelegs 26.7m 1m 500k 250k
totall costs/H 350K/H 175K/H 87.5K/H

t80 melee augmented
lvl1 charge reduction lvl9 charge reduction
2.5 charges/second 2 charges/second

lvl1 CR lvl9 CR
torva full helm 6.3m 25K/H 25K/H
torva platebody 36.2m 220K/H 175K/H
torva platelegs 26.7m 220K/H 175K/H
totall costs/H 465K/H 375K/H

50 hours augmented 50 hours
t90 melee
malevolent helm 3.5m 82K/H 82K/H
malevolten cuirass 12.2m 244K/H 310K/H
malevolent greaves 7.9m 158K/H 220K/H
totall costs/H 484K/H 612K/H

50 hours augmented 50 hours
t90 range
sirenic mask 6.3m 126K/H 126K/H
sirenic hauberk 18.7m 374K/H 440K/H
sirenic chaps 12.5m 250K/H 315K/H
totall cost/H 750K/H 981K/H

50 hours augmented 50 hours
t90 mage
tectonic mask 10.5m 210K/H 210K/H
tectonic robe top 32.1m 642K/H 705K/H
tectonic robe bottom 21.5m 430K/H 495K/H
totall cost/H 1282k/h 1410K/H

let me know if i made any mistakes, coud be posible

20-Mar-2018 00:40:50

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