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Sorry if this doesn't go here, but I didn't see a sub topic choice.

Anybody have a trick for getting Sir Amik Varze his drinks quickly. I'll get his drink and he's already changed his mind, I'm only getting one error before I'm thrown off the roof. Frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

06-Dec-2018 19:37:47

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That crap was mega-hard (and I made up a LOT of new cusswords) for mostly hardware reasons for me. I finally just turned graphics as low as possible (maybe safe-mode, can't remember if it was that drastic) and made the screen show only the necessary area...and then practiced, taking sanity/blood pressure breaks as needed.

Good luck, I remember your frustration....

06-Dec-2018 19:58:59

Pagan Dancer
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Pagan Dancer

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I found that setting the graphics to minimum and, as soon as you click on that drink, start hitting the space bar when you click on Sir Amik. I've spent hours trying to figure this out but do have an old slow laptop so i expect the game to possibly run slower for me. When I found the space bar trick, it worked the first time. Good luck!! :)

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