All. Just All of It.

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King Tumeken
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King Tumeken

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I just love it all.

Couldn't have said it better, twice, myself . . and this game has been around for a long time. A very long time. It's amazing.

The game is like Hermoine's knapsack from Harry Potter, ya know?

It's this bag of surprises . . that holds an endless amount of content. Just keep reaching into it more, and more, and you just find yourself loaded with things to do. Options and freedom galore. Always. Oh, you are finished that? Here, I have another 10000 fun things for you to do. Enjoy.

I also can't help but to read the forums a lot. I find myself reading thru so many of them. Some people have amazing ideas, offer great support; even if I may not comment when I'd very much like to, I see it. The forums are large and I just believe it has a ton of potential, and is very helpful.

Going into December with all the latest things like updates and events prior to this very moment as I type, I had to give in, and say thank you. So .. .

Thank you! I'll always love this game.
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

02-Dec-2018 16:23:28

Molly Weazly
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Molly Weazly

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^ This.

Jk. You're totes right Loveless. I have amazing friends in this game and there's always something new to discover. I really love the events during the year where I meet new people and enjoy chatting with them.

Hope I spot you at one of them Loveless! Kewl name btw! =)

04-Dec-2018 00:34:26

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21-Dec-2018 21:22:20

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