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Just thought I should say, this is my first time playing for some time, and I thought I'd get back into it by doing a couple of the novice quests and I've thoroughly enjoyed them! I never used to like quests back in the day and only did the ones I had to, but with the new voice-overs it really makes me feel like I'm a part of the story which I love. For me it's really brought the game to life, and I just hope more quests I encounter are voiced too. Reading the dialogue box just isn't the same as hearing it, especially with the cutscenes it just all works so well. Also I know they were only novice, but being able to complete a quest to the end without using a guide or aimlessly running around is also great, and really makes it feel like much more of an achievement and not just relief the frustration is over. I hope this continues!

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Jeremy C
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Voice-overs make quests so much more engaging than the traditional style of having the player read through the dialogue. In my opinion, fully voiced quests are some of the best in the game, and I would love to see more of them.
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Agreed! I loved Itchlarin's voice--it's super amazing, it gave him a sense of power and such meaning, and Armadyl's voice was just so reasonable sounding! Injecting more personality to the characters made the quests feel so much more immersive. This was in that quest called Death or Alive, or something >.<
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