Slayer Loot Chests

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The loot chest may be a reward from any slayer master for an X amount of slayer points.

Can Only be used on slayer assignments

Picks up all drops automatically or certain drops from each monster. (upon request)

Can only carry 50-100 items at a time.

Can be looted anytime.

Can be traded from p2p (not through the grand exchange)
(For those who want to buy and sell slayer "tabs";)

But chest must be full to be traded. (above comment only)

In order to sell a chest. it must be "locked" for trade.

The chest may or may not show the wealth when highlighted or examined


-Saves Space in Bank
-Saves Space in inventory
-Able to sell chests without withdrawing individual items.


-may or may not lower prices of items


24-Mar-2019 19:19:57

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Unless, it is a one time use chest and becomes untradeable if traded with another player. Also, when looted, it banks all the items and is then consumed. You can not bank individual items.

That would take away of it being OP. Just to balance the item properties. Should of clarified that more into detail.

24-Mar-2019 20:22:40

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Some ideas I have:

A different chest is sold from each slayer master and only collects drops from tasks assigned by that specific slayer master. Price of chest scales accordingly.

Chest absorbs all drops from a specified number of tasks rather than item types. For example it might absorb the next 10 tasks then become full.

Chest would not display contents nor would there be any chat notifications such as "your LotD shines brightly and you receive: Abyssal Whip". Contents would be a mystery until the chest is opened.

Non-tradeable items such as charms and clue scrolls would not be absorbed.

Chest contents cannot be viewed at any time. A full chest can be opened or traded. A partially full chest will indicate how many tasks it has stored, will be untradable and unopenable until full.

Chest is consumed upon opening. Due to the amount stored in the chest, it can only be opened while at a bank - just like numerous other bank zone specific actions - and will first check to make sure you have enough bank space to hold the contents, just like Throne of Miscellenia.

Slayer challenges will not be offered during chest filling since many of them either have very low or no drops at all. (e.g. Jad)

- Some spicier ideas -

Chest use ignores the blocked and preferred task lists and disallows the use of task skipping until it is full. Also ignores slayer masks.

Partially full chest if lost in a PvP area will drop a set amount of coins based on % full. Actual contents and chest itself are destroyed.

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