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There was an event that has been released on 17 July 2017 that the player would gather beach sand while skilling and can cash them out for the beach sand outfit ,

wiki link :

so i was wondering if they would bring this outfit this year or anytime soon because i really like the outfit and i never had the chance to get it ,

i'm sorry if this is not the right place for such request but i didn't know where to post this

12-Apr-2019 15:37:35

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Thread closed as a duplicate. Your thread in the Future Game Updates Forum is the better placed, so you may continue to use that one.

Please remember that posting the same discussion in more than one Forum or posting more than once in the same Forum makes it difficult to figure out which thread to use and pushes other player’s threads off the Forums that much faster.

Do your best to choose the most appropriate Forum for your topic and just post it once.


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12-Apr-2019 19:15:40

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