Exigency & Bully Alert Systems

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As we already have "Auto-Retaliate" and "Assist" for players, I think those options can be merged together in one feature called Exigency (or "Exigence" whichever).

Exigent - "Requiring immediate aid or action"

Either the player can request or offer Exigence to another player or more, even a team or clan work together in exigence.

Plus additional options for the feature that can be helpful:
When anyone had agreed in need of immediate protection is attacked by a certain foe (enemy player or npc), a player will automatically defend those that are under attack. A player has a choice to check the box
if needed to ignore everybody else and focus on rushing to protect an attacked player as urgent.

(NOTE: This can only apply in Clan Wars. As for Wilderness and other certain activities/events, that depends on Jagex and the players.) A player can mark any selected player who(m)ever enters the fighting zone of clan wars the player automatically attacks and hunts the target(s).

Hit List:
A player can add any player on the list so the next time a targeted player gets in the Clan Wars the list will notify the player if they are back.


Now aside of Exigency Feature, I think it would be a good idea to have a Bully Alert System.
If the attacker keeps constantly and reiterately attacking the same targeted weakest player inferior to the attackers level, it will just notify all players in Clan Wars and all Runescape that the NSer disrespects the target and it's any players decision if they want to add the NSer on the Hit List and/or go to Clan Wars and hunt the NSer down as the systems track the bully.

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