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I noticed several complaints thru the RP Community as well as General Player Specifics in-game

The concept I offer is quite simple, so allow me to quickly provide you with the information.

1.) We have quick chats
2.) We have Emotes

The original idea was to make a dialogue action bar, similar to that of Quick Chat. The player could simply input their own, custom 'dialogue action' and activate it on a key, or a click. It would be limited to how often it can be used.

My second idea was than to use Text Dialogues over Emotes.
The concept is that a player can input a customization of dialogue and attach it to an emote they own. When they express this emote, the action dialogue will appear over their heads.

*Loveless, without remorse, took his blade, and pierced the Dragon directly to the heart.*
- could simply be at the press of a key, or the first click of your mouse. Even if you aren't performing an emote relevant to dialogue - that may actually escalate the humor in all of it !

These will obviously have time restrictions, and perhaps even server restrictions.

This also may promote the purchase of Emotes and furthermore, better/ more entertaining uses of such. It may also open up potential for mini games, and future quest lines.
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