No lines of fires.

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X Sweetpea X said:
endersquid78 said:
As everyone probably already knows, fires in world 84 are annoying and bothersome. No one should be making lines of fires anymore as the bonfire mechanic is much better to use. The fire also lags most mobile users and some pc users. Just give us the ability to put out fires or make it so you can only have one fire from one player at a time OR make it a bannable offense for fire polluting an area. PLEASE just do something, is it that hard?

I agree with you, and you shouldn't have to buy portable yourself when they are there free to use for everyone, world 84 says portables... NOT FIREMAKING or spamming others that are skilling! thank you for bringing this up.

They're hardly free for everyone when someone likely spent money purchasing them from the GE. All you're doing is taking advantage of someone's wealth and community spirit.

But anyway, no support. Not only was line firemaking recently buffed, it's also a valid training method for those on ironman mode. Hell, it's a valid training method for everyone in the game.

I fail to see why there's such a desire to train on World 84, in a crowded, known location. If you don't like it, hop to a new world, or consider going to a location that isn't frequented much. You don't have to use a 'Portables' world.

We shouldn't remove a valid training method just because of the actions of the minority.


30-Mar-2019 20:28:16

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