New citadel plots

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Iron ADTrent

Iron ADTrent

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I've been looking at the citadel for awhile and it seems barren at times. Adding new plots could make it feel more full and give a bit more incentive again to do it. Some new plots could be:

Since the Citadel plots are, theoretically, to maintain the citadel these skills could be used for such a purpose and add more to having a citadel in general. Along with that potentially adding a different buff depending on what you choose to cap at (Or the majority of your cap) such as a small chance to not use resources when skilling outside of citadel or an extra boost to experience in that particular skill on top of citadels boost (An extra 1% or something).

Please post thoughts and opinions below to expand on this idea! :)

04-Jun-2019 16:46:46

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