Combat Ability: Power of Chaos

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Could also be called:
Power of RNG
Altar of Chaos
Altar of RNG

Ability Type: Threshold

Randomly applies the effect of a basic combat ability for 300-400% weapon damage if you have the equipped combat style. (ability used is independent of cooldown)

Longer description:
Step 1) The ability will roll between Mage, Range, and Melee. You have a 1 in 3 chance of it landing on one of those styles.
Step 2) It will roll a basic ability between the various agnostic basic combat abilities that you have unlocked
Melee = Slice, Backhand, Barge, Sever, Kick, Punish, Dismember, Fury, Mutated Fury (if unlocked)
Magic = Wrack, Dragonbreath, Shock (if unlocked), Impact, Combust, Surge, Chain, Corruption Blast (if Unlocked)
Range = Piercing Shot, Snipe, Demoralize (if unlocked), Binding Shot, Fragmentation Shot, Escape, Ricochet, Corruption Shot (if unlocked)
Step 3) It will detect what style of weapon you have in your main hand.
- if your main hand weapon = chosen style by the ability, you will trigger an attack that will do 300-400% of your weapon damage AND trigger the effect of the ability, even if that ability is still on cool down. (ie: you can trigger 2 straight Corruption Blasts if you have a magic weapon equipped AND rolled a Magic, or 2 straight escapes if you have a ranged weapon equipped and rolled range)
- if your weapon does not match the ability, nothing happens. So you have a 2 in 3 chance of the ability doing nothing.

This is the power of RNG.

12-Mar-2019 01:34:41

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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RNGesus would approve.

What about RNG-chosen abilities that need a 2h/dual wield/shield when you don't use the rolled type?
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12-Mar-2019 20:50:17



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I did consider that.

2x vs 2h would increase the complexity and add more detection. It would also increase the chance that the ability would not trigger.
Right now, you are about a 1/3 chance of triggering an attack.
Now you would be about 1/3 of getting tge combat style then 2/3 chance of the ability being useful.

13-Mar-2019 22:35:30

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I'm not fond of RNG.
I'll propose a change for you to consider.

How about a threshold ability that deals no damage (or 100% ability dmg), but makes any basic ability hit three times more for the next attack? Snipe would need to be excluded of course. Actually, there could just be a hard cap - maximum of 400% ability damage.
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