Mango Seeds, Trees & Smoothies

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"A refreshing smoothie to cool you down in the heat of battle and let you focus."


Mangos will be a new fruit tree that can only be grown in Menaphos used to make a smoothie giving you an accuracy buff while on Slayer tasks. The ability to grow them is unlocked at from Rank 7 total Menaphos reputation. The only farming patch where mango trees can be planted will be found in the Imperial District garden (Or the VIP area since it’s also unlocked at Rank 7). The seeds will be dropped from Slayer NPCS in Sophanem only while on a task or from large reputation packages earned in Menaphos. Rank 7 reputation will only be required to plant and grow Mangos not receive the seeds.

•Seeds, Fruit and the Smoothies will all be tradeable.


Mangos will be between Palm and Papaya seeds requiring 64 farming to grow.

A tree will take 16 hours to fully grow but unlike other trees that produce a max of 6 fruit the mango tree will hold a max of 5 fruits.

Planting XP: 98

Checking Xp: 8100

Picking Xp: 30


Making a Mango Smoothie will require 64 cooking. (Possibly 45 since last cocktail is at lvl 37) To make a Smoothie you will need the fallowing. Cocktail shaker, Pestle and Mortar, 3 Mangos, 1 Banana, 1 Pot of cream and an Ice cooler.

1) With 3 mangos in your inventory dice them in a pile of chunks.

2) Use chunk pile on cocktail shaker to squish them into a paste with a pestle and mortar.

3) Add 1 banana, 1 pot of cream to the shaker.

4) Final ingredient is an Ice Cooler purchased from any slayer master.

5) Shake the shaker and pour into glasses to fill 2 cocktail glasses with Smoothie.

Each smoothie made rewards Cooking 200xp


When consumed you will instantly be healed 1000 hp and you will gain a 5% accuracy bonus against your current slayer task lasting a total of 4 minutes.
Remove the 2600 level restriction from world 48!

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I support the idea, but it's generally a good idea to leave out exact level requirements/rewards and xp rates. It would be nice to have foods that give buffs to other skills besides combat as well.

13-Jul-2017 21:52:53

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