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So you know how we get the Magic Genie random event right.

What if somewhere on the game that same genie had his own temple.

The reason for the temple would be to give players the ability to pay to decrease a certain level of their choosing.

Again!!, not pay to add skill lvls, but only to decrease.

So if you had an attack of 99, you could go to this temple to pay the genie to decrease your attack to 50 attack if you wanted to.

for security reasons

Each player would only be able to do this maybe once or twice per month, and it would be somewhat expensive to do it and also you would make a pin upon doing it your first time.

I just thought it would be a cool idea to do, so if you had 99 att str and def, and you got bored or something, you could pay to turn your account into a pure or something.

what do you guys think and if you have ideas to add I'd love to hear.

03-Jun-2019 21:04:58

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Kings Abbot

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