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i've totally seen somebody like 1 year ago, doing the loved up walk animation while holding a noxious scythe. I have a cat staff and can't do the loved up animation with holding it. this makes me feel a little sad-ish-ish. sorry im only like not even 2nd grade on anything of education/knowledge/IQ

03-Jun-2019 21:15:45

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I think it would be technically considered a graphical bug. To try and recreate it, I'd suggest trying activating and deactivating the walk, 2h staff overrides, sheathing and unsheathing your weapon, resting and un-resting, praying and un-praying, etc. That's usually how such bugs are achieved.

To reiterate: it isn't supposed to work that way. They just figured out a way to make it happen and then didn't change anything.

For a while you could use some rests like the contact juggling rest while holding items, which looked really bizarre. It was done through manipulation of animations and timings using prayer hotkeys.

03-Jun-2019 22:19:42

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