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Plain and simple, my ideas without theme or category. Feel free to comment, improve on or ask questions about them.

Started 15 Oct 2018:
Augmented tortle traps.

My ship while exploring unchartered islands wants an exception to always get drawn in the background somehow. It's huge. Also I could find the bank/exit easier.

(Legendary) flameproof auras need some other bonus if the cooking cape is owned to be useful. If cooking cape, +15% to make a double portion and send to bank maybe?

Activate extend aura after depletion. 2 hours is a bit boringly long, 2x 1 hour would be better for me. Same vis wax cost within the entire normal recharge period.

"Release" farm animal while standing in a pen should mean add to pen.

Divine charge (empty) should exist from level 1 invention. Like empty vials. It's a how Gielinor works thing. Maybe add a slow charging tricle to one empty charge at a time as a natural effect of divination skill levels to give them use before 101 invention and keep the vacuum not worthless. Looongcat.

Augmented Linza's hammer should accept tool gizmos. All Linza's hammers should count as a hammer for i.e. construction and smithing. Probably more hammers need to become hammers. Does that make sense?

Weapon gizmos on pickaxes (it must be possible to be an idiot)

Living rock monsters/earth elementals be weak against pickaxes! So weak that the pickaxes suddenly are comparable/useful weapons.

Make 60 -> Make 600. Vis wax to buy the option same as quick teleports.

Protean trap upgrade/new trap idea: double/triple/quadruple hunter items but no xp toggle

When you "deploy portable range" make it immediately check if I'm able to deploy in that spot instead of asking me a silly question. Or even better, develop some temporary visual good/bad heatmap on all nearby squares indicating where one can deploy these things. (QA on Waiko)
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06-Dec-2018 12:22:36

Glic Esther
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Atm with augmented versions, having no tinderbox, pickaxe and hatchet on the toolbelt would improve QoL. If you don't have a hatchet, you don't chop wood and start to correct your situation with an augmented hatchet. Less time wasted on getting no invention xp with 99 wc, thus QoL++. Something to think about.

How about permanent bank preset slot unlocks with loyalty points?
Added 9 nov:

I can use arc supplies on long voyages without entering my bank pin.

Parking followers on the side of things, such as when hunting

Tortle traps actually disintegrate pretty fast..

Dismiss op shown on interacting with summoned familiars.

Optional mixing uncooked shark soup on the portable range/well for extra portions? :)

Added 15 nov:

I'd feel safer if corrupted slayer helmets were tied to my account and that the invested 1000 slayer points can't disappear. Free replacements or dwarf cannon return policies maybe.

Please stop the POF "appears normal at first sight but is actually a totally different colour".

Maybe finally add more options for the PoH teleport rooms.

The skill calculators don't retrieve my xp. High scores index_lite doesn't work anymore? I think it should.

Citadel skill plots should give invention item xp. Don't care how.

Armadyl, being just, recognises the damage as injustice done to the woods south of Falador and dissembles his divine transmitter.

Lumbridge swamp is a disgrace with long draw distances. Absolutely ridiculous. If you want your arguments starting with "But what about.." disspelled I'd be happy to engage.

Reversal of aura management interface

Tooltip on empty equipment slots with their name.

Please find time in your hearts to reimagine necromium helmets.
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06-Dec-2018 12:23:44

Glic Esther
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18 nov:

Player owned farm animals should give double xp during dxp same as trees.

PoP trade good resource cap should be increased beyond 250. Seeing as how a full set of armour and 2 elite weapons costs 405 plate/chi, I don't think it's unreasonable. Oh and I'll mention the spices that give more than 50 on a good voyage.

Soo.. apparently someone someday found logic in augmented crystal hammers not getting item xp when doing construction. I think it's stupid and needs to change. 2nd hammer idea > rework hammer time.

My PoH servant won't take the second golden rock! :(

High alchemy on all spellbooks

Added 6 Dec:

Can't add note to a friend while training melee.

Featherfingered necklace could be useful if we could combine them to have waay more than 10 charges.

Glass orb pouches

Dominion journal pages to be stored somewhere else than on the item.

Please provide free ice gloves fighting Flambeed in dominion tower.

Dagannoth mother version 2 in the dominion tower is broken. Why force normal spellbook? I didn't bring air runes so I was useless while at the original quest version ancient magic was fine. It also only ever switches between blue and red. Provide ele/cata runes then! Never got orange for melee. Also, just disable dropped items disappearing.

High alchemy tabs like PoH teletabs.

Please allow dual login to a beta server.

I'd like to become able to check out my full currency pouch without the interface breaking the foraging of mushrooms. Or other boring stuff.

Maybe the spring cleaner can work when pickpocketing elves and get a bit updated to work with their item sewers?

The interface for the costume room storage is abysmal. I could do a whole post on what's wrong with that interface.
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Randomness in making the master farmer outfit parts is insane. We learned from crafting (minimum level 80) that we definitely know what part of an outfit we're making through the leathers we processed. Be it vambraces, boots, chaps, coif or body. The blueprint may need to be invented, not the body part.

How would you feel about adding quick chat options for charge pack content? Also there is a "I've got charges: ..." quick chat, no idea what it's for.

On the Hefin agility course, there is no fully correctly working cinematic option to use :(

Added 08/01/2019
Portable inventor's workbench

Another bank space expansion! Fun eh?

Magic butterfly net on the toolbelt

Cabbagespeak and crocspeak amulets addable to the cramulet

Trading sticks in currency pouch

The beserk blood essence doesn't say what its effect is, only how much charge is in it. Scrimshaws also miss a description of their effects. Good work on the potion tooltips btw :)

Pickaxe of earth and song to require dragon forge

Free bronze ore box

Deposited all ores and bars, but now I don't know which and how much I have from the bank

The rework didn't free up bank space, it took some with all the stone spirits

Added 14th of February:
All the love for coming ideas and critiques!

All original scythe owners should get access to untradable versions of every other scythe ingame through Thessalia.

The interface for exploring achievement is annoying as hell. When you close it and reopen it you have to renavigate to the city/area you're focusing on completing. Can we get a nice NIS-capable tab to pull out and put next to say.. inventory? As for icons I suggest a green quest icon...
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Oh god another progress bar event (Hati & Skoll): stop with progress barring everything. I know, I know, you must think we are achievement hunters by nerdy nature or something, addicted to seeing 100% completions. But progress bars kill fun, diversity and creativity. Break your brains over "events without a progress bar"! I must sound insane to you. And never ever repeat hati 2018 again. Pick another. Delete the source code for the 2018 event. For the ones that love having no pressure from you to complete things. Also stop forever expanding it. Create your own concurrent winter event in the middle of Karamja or something, have all your bu**shit progress bars there while leaving oldskool hati at the same time. No resources to do that? Ooh then it's easy, you developers, analists and marketeers get no progress bars!

With bank presets, a separate and single BoB preset annoys me. Can it become one BoB preset for every worn/inv preset? Maybe also include summoning the BoB familiar automatically if there is a pouch in the bank and you have summoning points etc?

Portable scrimshaw crafter


Added 4 March:

Can the designs of invention cape and invention cape (t) be swapped? Or release all non-trimmed cape versions?

Maybe a gatherer's cape (or one of the others) can hold 2 skill cape perks or max cape can get a little more slots?

Toggleable warning message when equipping a spirit gem as they auto activate

Make over mage interface has a male and female face, but they don't update/preview when selecting a different skin colour

Actually, the mystical staff is over powered with it having 3 unlimited elemental runes.

Jad short version: all stages with a Tz-Kih (anti pray bat) pulled out. Only after reaching wave 63 the normal way.
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I still don't like magic combat tbh. Abilities replaced the richness of spells. Ie: barrages and bursts should have an area or all-tiles-of-the-target effect. Combat animations should incorporate the chosen element, even when using abilities

Set effects for area achievement rewards (seers helmet, varrock armour etc). One for all easy, medium, hard or elite pieces. Or a lore reward as world guardian armour?

Ok you redid the PoP interfaces. But why aren't the trade goods listed in the resources in edit ship? Handy access to exactly all but the info I want to know.

450 bosses to kill in the dominion tower to complete achievement diaries, but no slayer/death points for it :(

I had no idea about mining stamina because the 'Show stamina bar when mining' setting was deactivated. I don't remember unsetting it so it must be off by default for some reason?

Apparently settings has a slayer counter...?

It's still sad that the best pit monster I can have at my home is an iron dragon. Without saying the spooky word 'rework', maybe a bit of an update/refresher to make PoH dungeons more dangerous is within realms of possibility?


Added 10-03-2019:

Luck of the dwarves to the mining guild

Charming imp to work with charming moths

The transparency of the bank interface is 0%, while there is a setting for so called 'top level interfaces'. I'd like the bank interface to apply this setting as well as some inventory icons are difficult to see (dark on dark background)

Ice demon (dom tower) is not (shown as) weak against fire. What's up with having a single weakness icon anyway? Why? Same with special item weaknesses, why aren't they displayed where it's combat style weakness is?
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Dom reward chest: can't skip it no matter how small the reward is. When opened, I can 'convert all items', which doesn't convert all items. Next I can 'bank all items', which doesn't bank all items. Then there's an xp book, so if you have a full inv you need to bank or drop something to get it. If you do, you get a warning about dropped items, then you get the book, use the book and get your dropped item back.

To get that gods forsaken dominion marker stage 4 for one time use, what does "complete >all other< achievements mean"? Afaik it's not required to do 1600 rumble mode bosses? Or is it?

When I have a slayer contract, wilderness or slayer tower, I think those monsters should count as a slayer target for Tuska's wrath.

Such a big sculpting block, such a small statue of queen Glarial

I've got my crown of seasons keepsaked and I don't see a way to invert it's season. Other items have ways to change the keepsaked version

Gain-xp-to-progress-in-event is lame. Maybe automatically award event currency no matter what you do. Buying/selling things, chatting, B.A.N.K. standing, cleaning out your bank, questing, doing ports and so much more is not included which adds light but unneccessary pressure/bounds.

Notes with more characters. Editing notes that doesn't break skilling.

Sailfish as an aquarium fish. Finally.


19 March 2019:

Temple of Aminishi: can't fire magic spells over a tiny canal that's a couple of squares. Can fire over a fence. What's the point in that?

Invention has a different xp curve requiring greater amounts of xp. Why then are rewards like achievement diary lamps worth half the xp? Did someone do 50% instead of +50%?

Even though there are jadinko's in Rush of Blood, the unbankable useless fruit in the rewards chest is too much.

"Do you want to destroy the rest of this outfit?" at bodies, legs, feet and gloves

When smelting, why aren't there right click options to withdraw bars?
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Invention machine: gem pressuriser, converts X sapphires into 1 emeralds etc

Virtual level quickchats if you have them enabled for the skills tab

Now that we have spells to swap spellbooks (good!), the wicked pouch can surely become unrestricted to bank areas right?

If the slayer counter has to be, you could add kills-left to slayer masks.

I'd like to override a preset slot with items I do not currently have (Special slayer contract, noted fire orb, ). And have auras as items again.

Robin in Port Phasmatys exchanges 39 bones to bonemeal. If he could stop giving slime with that, that would be great. Then I'd come by to exchange wyvern bones to bonemeals for super pray pots.

'Deposit all ore' @ (portable) bank deposit boxes for deposits in the ore bank. Sign of the porter to the ore bank. "View ore bank" at normal banks. Please don't leave ore bank integration with loose ends

More slayer masks for lvl 100-120

I don't think dark beasts should be dropping adamantite stone spirits. Level 70 ore became level 40 stone spirits.

The wiki allows to mark list items. What if we could choose to export our achievements and slayer codex and more of those long lists to our wiki accounts & fan sites so we more easily can use ie: /w/Master_Quest_Cape_achievements as a hub. Also allows for automated calculations and different sortings (length, combat, rng difficulty)

Maybe check worn items & inventory for matches with the bank preset first so it doesn't have to cry "bank is full" when it can't bank the items that it needs to take out.


27 March:

For level 112 invention, the potion reservoir sucks. How about making it work like a rune pouch with an on/off switch.

I'd like to make a map of my claimed island in the Arc with some papyrus and charcoal. My character has experience.

I know you said goodbye to quest replayability, but could you try with a light and humourous quest like a penguin one?
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First time I entered Goshima city was during the latest quest and checked out all the trunks because something had to be there right? Nothing. Turns out you need to be there out of quest mode for the azure key to be there. That's so lame.

Lootbeam on frozen key pieces

Attack a ranger with magic, use dragon breath and not hit the melee user.

Auto-cast main & Auto-cast off-hand as seperate right click options when dual wielding

Invention daily challenges

Turning in ushabis can go with a little warning. I had 2 dark beast ushabis, one for the chest and one for the dungeon and the chest took the second too.

Quest cape in "Retro skillcapes" settings section

So as I was walking around a lot in the latest quest, I thought.. Pokemon Go eggs in runescape? Walk or run to get a reward?

Hearts of ice item ban list

Invention potions are stupid. Now there's no real reason to train it beyond level 101. Everything available is from there within reach and you'd just be levelling to do it without the potions. You should be able to buy an invention master cape at 120/103.

Draining certain skill points/recoverability (to 0) might be the key to a skilling boss, forcing you to use a different skill. Perhaps charge adrenaline and make some skilling only abilities (super siphon or hurricane against trees or something) you can use there and unlock for the rest of your journey

Added 18 April

Become able to set up 2 deadfall traps,443,15,66093610 works but doesn't. Don't blame the browser.

If you don't want the forums, grow the balls to kill it straight away instead of letting it die. Also can I have a go at building a healthy forum before you do that? I promise to be different.
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Complete redesign of the overworld. Keeping true to original or not. There are way too many features and points of interest per 1000 sq^2. Perhaps done with transplanting current cities as they are now with enough room to redo them later. You're probably going to anyway in the next 10 years so for growth it's better to start now. When I started playing, the fork in the road going north from Lumbridge castle was a decision and gave a feeling of exploring the unknown. Now when I home teleport for free to Lumbridge I can see Al-kharid, Lumbridge swamp, the crater, the mill without moving a tile. Let's do the legacy right by re-spacing everything so those old features can get the attention they deserve (such as needing dragon slayer Ned's 99 sailing skill to get on an island 'at sea' meaning the river between Ardougne and Falador). There are thousands of teleport options so don't worry about players not reaching something instantly if they want to. And when you finally have a way to do it technically you might as well do things like put PoP in as a small unnamed village somewhere and use your upgraded asset management to fill many new in-between areas. I am fully convinced it is a necessary overhaul for the continued survival/growth of Runescape. More than reworking banks. It is also required for having a highly immersive world My ideas dump thread

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