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New quest using the 2 doors in the mining guild that currently has no meaning. Rooms could contain higher level ores for example dark and light animica.

Another idea would be to do a woodcutting rework to where the trees and ivy do not deplete like the mining rework. Could also introduce some new trees.

Could also possibly consider a fish and cook rework with same concepts.

just a few suggestions from yours truly.

19-Apr-2019 11:08:42

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Trees don't deplete the way rocks did previously, so it's not that bad... It might need a rework in the future to balance it along the bow levels and such.

The closed doors are probably dangerous tunnels prone to cave-ins. Wouldn't want to go there. Lorewise there's also no reason for animica rocks to be there.

Fishing and cooking are fine as they are.
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19-Apr-2019 11:12:14

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