Skilling Sigils.

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Art Palete

Art Palete

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Sigils are still a relatively new item slot. There are very few of them, most of which are very difficult to get due to lots of grinding for the items or dropping a load of cash for the materials for them.

Regardless, I find some of them to be of use during certain circumstances, however the majority of them seem to be combat related.

This isn't much use to a huge portion of players who only skill on their account, meaning Sigils are just forever an empty slot with no use to them. I believe creating skilling Sigils would give the slot more use, to all players.

Similar to Elite Skilling Outfits, training a skill would randomly drop parts needed to create a Sigil. Unlike Elite Skilling Outfits, this would not be every five minutes, but a random drop at any time. Could get drops twice in a minute, could take an hour between drops.

Higher levels in said skill would increase drop rates of parts and higher level training would drop more parts per drop.

1000 parts would be needed to create a Sigil, 1000 charges in a sigil with each part adding a charge back to the sigil.
Each sigil for each skill would activate like other sigils, each set time with a set cool down between activations.
Gathering skills would give a temporary buff to success rates while gathering.
Artisan skills would speed up productions.
Just an example of what would happen per charge.

These parts would be tradable, like most other Sigil parts but likely, more charges would be used than could be gathered, unless really high leveled.
This would give people the options to make profit from the parts or use them to benefit their skilling. Not get both.

24-Mar-2019 11:19:06

Art Palete

Art Palete

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That was why i suggested that higher levels increased drop rates while higher level skilling increased numbers dropped.
Its basically similar to Sophanem dungeon. Killing the creatures there have a chance of dropping a vital spark, killing the higher level ones have better chances.
Of course, could make these parts drop from resource-less areas, such as Seren stones for Mining or Ivy from Woodcutting, making people have to train in a profitless area in order to get these, making them less win win for people who want to farm them for money.
But then with other skills such as smelting or divination, you couldn't really apply that kind of logic to it. Maybe when making burial pieces for smithing, maybe.

25-Mar-2019 10:01:57

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