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Not entirely sure where to put this, but I suppose this the best place, if not, please move it to the correct place.

I would like to ask or rather suggest, being the suggestion forum, that the Elemental Workshop quest line be continued. It was one of the best quest lines I have played, being that I love puzzles. But, not a word in years has left me concerned that it will never be picked up again. A word on weather it is in development or not (and if you are even considering picking it up again at all if it is not development) is enough. but an ETA would be nice if you guys have one.

I would love to see EWV and beyond come to fruition.
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I think there is a lot of potential, especially since it would be a great way to tie in more invention content/quests. I think that EW feels like it would be a good fit thematically with Invention as they both revolve around new (or forgotten in EW's case) technology.

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It doesn't make sense to get to IV and stop. They still have unoppened doors in the dungeon. I bet that the questmaker for this series just got tasked to something else and will get around to it. Hopefully soon. I'm really anxious to see what happens with the story. But, I think the massive jigsaw puzzle in three prevents most players from getting to IV and thus the devs are just putting it on the backburner Dragon halberd is where it's at

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They occasionally asked for it in content polls in the last few years and it failed every single time - sadly. I guess a few players are traumatized a bit too much from EW3 still.

It might help if they were to make elemental armour interesting first. Rebalance it fitting to the EoC and grant it a fancy passive effect - to wake interest in players to see high levelled variants. Standing as this I doubt they'll ever continue the series.
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