The end of the Bots

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Hey ich got no clue if that is the right Forum or not. But why dont u make a sms verfrification to create a new Account. One number can only create one Account per month and the bots will slowly die out.

30-Jun-2019 20:18:19



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ACáSandra said:
but u can buy sim cards without limits, and they cheaper than bot scripts, so botters dont matter this.

Real fix: Players must agree with remote control(computer monitoring) in client, you can't play otherwise.
Real fix2: PvP Everywhere.

The first "fix" might infringe our privacy.
The second "fix" will only troll real players. We don't like pvp anymore.
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Rs3 has very few bots and thats why its usally looks empty and jagex put npcs that skill to make it look lively
Best ways to find bots and get rid of them is a better code,
look at cluster areas and afk skills and pvm
Each has deference in bot type of bot,

so you got those bots that turn your camera and click on the same spot etc
Those are largely dead (few remaining that do wildy energy)

You got your afk bots that click a rock
Ones that have no random delay or are software are gone but rando hardware ones i would say those need bot nukes where they think theres suspension activity, send them to login and monitor login page clicks having threshold of ban length

Then you have the human-bot hybrids
Thats hell to detect and to solve, these are people who hardware 4 ticking with rando aswell as having their human input during pvm, this is a massive issue in pvm today and jagex has been very quite on it

Issue with hardware bots is that it can be as simple as a little motor with a plastic bit rotating on it spamming the left click, with that its the development of super afk things is an issue and thats been on the increase
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01-Jul-2019 14:01:03

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UrekMazino said:
You check out the wildy volcano, there's at least 2-3 bots on each world, even more on f2p worlds. Also nat rune bots and turoth bots are a thing. There are definitely still a lot of bots in RS3.

Theres not enough effort put into stopping them, not enough Jagex staff doing it sadly.., hard to report them aswell found 2 stuck outside G.E earlier had vids , pics to prove it etc but ... the only way to report is in-game , create a post with links about it and it gets locked n hidden by player mods
Tried to use Reddit and the links get removed lol i cant win:) they really are making a comeback again theres loads

01-Jul-2019 20:12:26

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